In its first year, Rebuildtheblock has donated a grand total of $62,997.92                                                



to black owned businesses.


The Call to Action: Small Business Relief Fund

Black business owners are more likely to report difficulty obtaining loans , express fears about permanently closing, and predict declining revenues in the coming year as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. To answer this call, Rebuildtheblock devised a grant which directly addresses the current needs of black-owned businesses. The Small Business Relief fund is our way to provide immediate aid for black business owners to start on the recovery path towards stability and expansion. Our fund is offered on a quarterly basis. Eligible businesses are able to apply for funding. Our Small Business Relief Fund is a community resource to allow for financial assistance that is both accessible and standard-based.

This is Our Block

At Rebuildtheblock, what we stand for is reflective in the businesses we serve. Today, Rebuildtheblock has awarded up to 25 grants to over 25 businesses across 12 states. Our Small Business Relief Fund recipients are committed to serving their communities through their products and services.

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Fingersnaps, 2020 RTB Recipient 


Get involved by supporting Rebuildtheblock through volunteer hours. These may be credited towards school requirements and provide a great opportunity to serve black-owned communities around the country. Virtual positions are available.

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Donations Lead to An Avenue of Change


is there a deadline?

The funding deadline will be the third Friday of the current cycle month.


How long is the application process?

The Verification decision will be announced at the end of each 3 month cycle.


How will I know if my business is selected?

Our Verification squad will send out an email letting you know if you’ve been approved to receive donations.

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